Quality welding curtains and welding screens, dust curtain, strip curtain, x-ray curtain and fixings, industrial partioning, fire retardant stage curtains.

We design and manufacture an extensive range of durable and flexible mobile fire retardant welding curtains, welding screens and welding tents. We also design, manufacture and supply a range of industrial partioning solutions.  Our welding screens and welding tents are available in a range of materials such as PVC or canvas.

Our screens, curtains and tents are also available in options for non-welding applications such as dust booth and dust protection and for x-ray shielding, and radiation protection for medical environments or airports.

We also produce flame retardant curtain solutions for environments such as theatres and exhibition centres.

All are available in standard or bespoke sizes.

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Product Ranges

Our welding & PVC strip curtains, welding curtain track systems, welding screens and frame ranges include:

Welding curtain options
  • Hi-vis amber welding PVC - translucent welding PVC with a high degree of visibility
  • Lowvis green welding PVC - reinforced, no visibility
  • Safearc amber/safearc bronze welding PVC - Reinforced, some visibility
  • Tusker Weld Green welding PVC - dark green welding PVC - low visibility
  • Heavy duty canvas - waterproof and rot proof
  • Jute - close weave natural material
  • NEO250/NEO400 - neoprene coated firbreglass for heavy duty welding and grinding
Non-welding curtain options
  • Glass-clear PVC - total visibility. Spray booth and dust protection/food processing
  • Glass clear reinforced PVC - extra strength. Spray booth and dust protection/food processing
Heavy duty welding screens (modular)
  • 35mm box section frame, powder coated, bolt together construction.
  • Features a top track section.
  • Can include hinged extension arms, uprights, horizontal supports and castors.
  • A modular system that can be configured to your specification
Stand alone heavy duty welding screens
  • 35mm box section frame, powder coated, quick slot together construction.
  • Can be fitted with castors for extra mobility.
Economy welding screens
  • Practical, lightweight and easy to assemble but strong.
  • 19mm box section, galvanised steel.
  • Can be fitted with castors for extra mobility.
Portable welding screens
  • 19mm box section, galvanised steel.
  • Supplied with a carry bag.
  • Breaks down into 3ft sections for easy transportation.
Folding welding screens
  • Folds down into three 2ft sections.
  • Easy to store.
Hinged welding screens
  • Creates a mobile, flexible welding bay system
  • Made from 35mm box section steel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be made to bespoke sizes
Welding tents
  • Ready assembled, foldaway mobile shelters.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Available in heavy duty canvas or PVC
Manhole tents
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Ready assembled.
  • Easy to transport.
Welding umbrellas
  • 2.5m diameter
  • Complete with heavy duty canvas cover
  • Lightweight
Strip curtaining
  • Flame retardant, flexible and withstands repeated contact with forklifts, pallet trucks and equipment
  • Suitable for all welding and non-welding applications
  • Recommended for any door or booth application, as thermal, sound or dust barrier or spray booth and can be used for partitioning
X ray curtains
  • X ray curtains for medical environments or airports
  • Available in 0.25mm Pb or 0.50mm Pb
  • Can be supplied complete with all frames/fixing options
  • Full bay design and installation services provided if required.
Stage Curtains
  • Fire retardant stage curtains for theatres or exhibition centres etc
  • Bespoke service
  • Drapes and decorative components.

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