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If you’re looking for a welding bay or welding booth system, no matter how extensive, Tusker Industrial can deliver. Our technical team will consult with you and design a welding booth to meet your exact requirements. With a wide range of curtain materials and fixing systems available, our versatile solutions will suit your application.

We can provide all the necessary supplementary documentation including technical drawings, risk assessments and method statements. A dedicated project manager will keep you informed at every stage of the process.


Installed quickly by experts

We have a fully insured installation team if required. We will install your welding bay system quickly, with the minimisation of down time at the forefront of the planning process.

Read about one of our welding bays in application here.


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Product Ranges

Our range of of welding bay systems include:

Fixed track
  • Top track is fixed directly to the pre-drilled and threaded stanchion uprights.
  • Easy to assemble and the track can be fixed directly to vertical surfaces without any special brackets and span unsupported for up to 4.5m.
Continuous track
  • Designed for curtains and strip to hang and slide around the track without being hampered by the uprights.
  • Horizontal 90° bends available to form booths and hangers for single and double track systems.
Overhead track
  • A heavy-duty track system designed to be fixed directly to ceilings, fascias or suspended from structural beams enabling the workspace to be clear of steel upright supports.
Retractable reel
  • Self-retracting curtain hanger which overcomes the problems arising from access to protected welding areas.
  • When not in use, the curtains are suspended from a pivoting arm white rotates through 180°.
Strip curtain systems, including refrigeration curtains
  • Flame retardant, flexible and withstands repeated contact with forklifts, pallet trucks and equipment.
  • Suitable for all welding and non-welding applications.
  • Recommended for any door or booth application, as thermal, sound or dust barrier or spray booth and can be used for partitioning.
Accessories - welding tables
  • Very heavy duty welding tables with 50mm box section base
  • Made to bespoke sizes to fit your bay or any other area
  • Option for powder coated base in any colour
  • Comes ready assembled.

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