Scaffold Shrink Wrap

Verisafe scaffold shrink wrap is made from tough polythene and is designed for use in construction.  Strong impact tolerance means that it is ideal for protecting building and construction work from high winds, while it’s maleability enables it to be installed safely, even at challenging heights and in extreme conditions.

Using Verisafe scaffolding shrink wrap means that work can continue through adverse conditions, shortening timescales.  It also improves the appearance of the construction site.


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Verisafe scaffold shrink wrap

Low maintenance, malleable strength

Bi-directional shrinkage
  • Bi-directional heat shrink properties enables easy application of the product and also allows second-time shrinkage if the project has multiple phases and requires extended encapsulated areas.
Puncture resistant
  • The unique properties of bi-directionality and the chemical composition means that the the film is uniquely and exceptionally strong.
UV Resistance
  • UV inhibitors are present in the material, enabling a long usage time on the product up to 2 years.
Flame retardant
  • Various FR options available depending on the project.

Case Study

Construction Window Protection

Working closely with Yuanda Europe to completely understand their requirement, we designed a bespoke construction window protection solution made to fit the required dimensions, using fixing options that would complement the internal façade.


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