What We Supply

We supply a range of safety solutions for the heavy machinery and equipment industry, both for the manufacturing process and for in-field repairs. With a range of  welding safety equipment that is British-made, you can be sure that our products will withstand the most demanding applications. We provide both off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke services, so whatever your requirement, we will be able to design a solution to match.

Products & Services

Our products for the heavy machinery sector include:

  • Welding and non-welding curtains and frames and portable welding screen
  • Welding blanket, industrial machine covers and industrial fabrics
  • Frixed frame and bespoke bay systems
  • PPE protective clothing


Case Study

Airedale International

Industrial and construction safety solutions including FR tarpaulin, monarflex, debris netting, fire barriers and construction window protection.


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